CPRIT RP230204 (Co-Director of the Single Cell Data Science Core)

Gene-Environment-Lifestyle Interactions in Cancer

NSF DMS-2227849 (PI)

CBMS Conference: Foundations of Causal Graphical Models and Structure Discovery – Texas A&M University, May 15-19, 2023

1R01GM148974-01 (PI)

Bayesian Differential Causal Network and Clustering Methods for Single-Cell Data

1R25LM014219-01 (Co-I)

The Biomedical Informatics and Behavioral Sciences (BIBS) Summer Research Program

1R01MH128085-01 (Co-I)

Bayesian Methods for Optimizing Combination Antiretroviral Therapy for Mental Health in People with HIV

NSF DMS-2112943 (PI)

Automated Causal Discovery with Observational Data via Directed Graphical Models - New Theory and Methods

1R03MH127298-01 (Co-I)

Body Iron and Mental Health-Related Outcomes in Adolescents: A NHANES Data Analysis

Seed Grant Program for Promoting Research Collaborations (PI)

Type II: Pursuing Interdisciplinary Research in Liberal Arts and Science — New Statistical Methods for Addressing Social Inequality


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