Plastic in the Oceans

When one thinks of the sea, pristine beaches and golden sand are conjured-up in the imagination. The reality is very different. Today's beaches are covered in plastic bottles, diapers and other trash.

This was my view on a recent visit to the beach.

Another image: to infinite and beyond with plastic

Besides looking awful, the impact on the environment is devastating.

The tragedy is that this waste is completely unnecessary. Do we really need to buy bottled drinks? Besides reducing waste, most carbonated drinks are not healthy. Moreover, using refillable, reusable bottles is substantially cheaper.

We can easily reduce the amount of plastic consumed by not using disposable bottles, disposable silverware and disposable cups. We can gently remind waiters in restaurants and bars that we do not need plastic straws in our drinks. I usually carry my own cups, bottles and silverware.

If we do use disposable products, we should ensure they are recyclable and use the recycling bins that are provided. Recycling bins should only contain the rubbish they are meant to recycle. There are plenty of recycling bins on campus recycling on campus. This is an example of one: