Symposium for Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students and PostDocs in the Sciences:
Insight and Strategies for Professional Success, Personal Well Being and Getting Along with Others
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"Everything you do matters. Every moment, every decision you make. It affects the people around you. It changes the world in a million imperceptible ways. And no matter what your reality, you can make it better. We both can."

Professionals in the sciences face unique challenges and pressures. And while there is no guidebook for a scientific academic career, there is the voice of experience--in this case, colleagues within the College of Science who have been there and lived to tell the tale.

Join us on February 24, 2017 for a day-long (8:30am-5pm) symposium in Rudder 601 featuring veteran Texas A&M Science professors, administrators and thought leaders who will share their insights and proven strategies for succeeding in scientific fields while balancing personal well-being and being inclusive and compassionate with others. In addition to examples and tactics, they will offer professional instruction in mindfulness as a key practice and means to achieving successful outcomes and finding balance between one’s various professional and personal commitments and responsibilities.

The format will feature five strategy-centric sessions designed to deliver:
--increased knowledge about and confidence in one's ability to succeed professionally;
--increased self-awareness and ability to care for one's personal needs; and
--increased awareness and openness to different cultures, opinions, and lifestyles.

Which comes first success, or the feeling of accomplishment and well-being? Or are they one and the same? The answer lies within each individual, but the collective whole certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to shaping this vital self-narrative.

As fellow scientists and academics, we’re here to help, whether that’s by keeping you going on your path or keeping you grounded in the present moment. Take your next first step to a successful tomorrow by registering today!